2011-01-21 08:52

Professor Combover – Chemistry Lab

First artist out this year is our new friend
Professor Combover with the 3-track EP Chemistry Lab.

Players and download links below. Enjoy!


Professor Combover - CO2
Professor Combover - NaCl
Professor Combover - PO4

Download Chemistry Lab (.rar, 19.2Mb)

2011-01-01 00:00

423 – One Year Anniversary

To celebrate that 420.se has been alive
for one full year, we have put together a
release with some pretty awesome tunes!

Expect more quality music in the new year.

Happy new year!!!

Rolling Stoned - Pink Buffalo
Mentats ft. Jet - Bouvreuil violet de l´espace
Professor Combover - Co2
Salkinitzor - I Feel Spleepy
Saimou - Bouvreuil violet jeunes de l´espace
Reefer Sutherland - Ragas, Beats & Delays

  Artwork by Patrik.

Download 423 (2010) (.rar 62.3 Mb)
Download wallpapers by Patrik (.rar 3.3 Mb)