2011-04-29 11:07

Soul Shinobi – Soul Symbols

Woo! Another awesome release from another awesome artist!

This time we let Soul Shinobi take us on a spiritual journey.

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01. Soul Shinobi - Chant
02. Soul Shinobi - Do you believe in god
03. Soul Shinobi - God is Da source
04. Soul Shinobi - My Dream
05. Soul Shinobi - Wanderlust
06. Soul Shinobi - What we are
07. Soul Shinobi - Punishment
08. Soul Shinobi - Rod and staff
09. Soul Shinobi - Mercy
10. Soul Shinobi - They do not know
11. Soul Shinobi - Holy Land
12. Soul Shinobi - Salvation Road
13. Soul Shinobi - Freeman
14. Soul Shinobi - Flying Objects

This is what the master himself has to say about the release:

Babaji spoke generally of unity. We are all equal, despite the country we come from, and national differences should be ignored. We are all a unity. We must shed all jealousy and envy because they are harmful. We are all one with each other and with God. In order not to provoke Me, you must be quiet at the time of catastrophe. You must concentrate on “Om Namah Shivaya”. With this mantra you can win everything, because it is stronger than all the bombs. Babaji mentioned the freedom spoken of and promised by politicians. Then He said, in effect: “Theirs is no freedom at all. If you work and are worthy. I shall show you freedom greater than you have ever dreamed about.” “You all think devotion is fun. Some day you will have to jump without fear of life or death; then you will be able to make progress. When the time comes, you will have to walk through fire and water.” When the day of battle come be sure to know what side your on Bhole Baba ki jay