2011-04-29 11:07

Soul Shinobi – Soul Symbols

Woo! Another awesome release from another awesome artist!

This time we let Soul Shinobi take us on a spiritual journey.

Contact Sadhu Sanga Records and Soul Shinobi, or make a visit on Myspace


01. Soul Shinobi - Chant
02. Soul Shinobi - Do you believe in god
03. Soul Shinobi - God is Da source
04. Soul Shinobi - My Dream
05. Soul Shinobi - Wanderlust
06. Soul Shinobi - What we are
07. Soul Shinobi - Punishment
08. Soul Shinobi - Rod and staff
09. Soul Shinobi - Mercy
10. Soul Shinobi - They do not know
11. Soul Shinobi - Holy Land
12. Soul Shinobi - Salvation Road
13. Soul Shinobi - Freeman
14. Soul Shinobi - Flying Objects

This is what the master himself has to say about the release:

Babaji spoke generally of unity. We are all equal, despite the country we come from, and national differences should be ignored. We are all a unity. We must shed all jealousy and envy because they are harmful. We are all one with each other and with God. In order not to provoke Me, you must be quiet at the time of catastrophe. You must concentrate on “Om Namah Shivaya”. With this mantra you can win everything, because it is stronger than all the bombs. Babaji mentioned the freedom spoken of and promised by politicians. Then He said, in effect: “Theirs is no freedom at all. If you work and are worthy. I shall show you freedom greater than you have ever dreamed about.” “You all think devotion is fun. Some day you will have to jump without fear of life or death; then you will be able to make progress. When the time comes, you will have to walk through fire and water.” When the day of battle come be sure to know what side your on Bhole Baba ki jay

2011-02-01 01:02

Reefer Sutherland – What Surrounds

420.se proudly presents the second album from Reefer Sutherland!

This album has been in the making since before the release of Next is Best, and it features a more polished, spaced-out sound.

01. NGC 7293
02. SN 1006
03. V838 Monocerotis
04. Messier 104
05. AM 0644-741
06. Hodge 301
07. Gliese 65
08. Coma Berenices
09. Microscopium
10. Omega Centauri
11. Auriga
12. Trifid Nebula

Artwork frontArtwork back (.png 1.2Mb, 1.3Mb)
Screenshots: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12

Download What Surrounds (.rar, 114Mb)

2011-01-28 11:43

Salkinitzor and his big pile of dub!

Freshly remixed and recut compilation of Salkinitzor’s chilled out space dub sounds.

All tracks are all recorded in Curious Sounds Studio in Lund by Salkinitzor and friends.

Listen or download, pick one!

Salkinitzor - And his big pile of Dub (RS Megamix)

Salkinitzor – Scientific Approach (RSEdit)
Salkinitzor – hypnotic fluff (inviger the big pile of dub)
Electric Santana Band feat. Linde – Tru Riddim
Salkinitzor – En låt till mig själv
The Electones – Part1 & Part2

2011-01-25 01:47

Ninjabottle – Parrot Affection

Ninjabottle - Parrot Affection

2011-01-21 08:52

Professor Combover – Chemistry Lab

First artist out this year is our new friend
Professor Combover with the 3-track EP Chemistry Lab.

Players and download links below. Enjoy!


Professor Combover - CO2
Professor Combover - NaCl
Professor Combover - PO4

Download Chemistry Lab (.rar, 19.2Mb)

2011-01-01 00:00

423 – One Year Anniversary

To celebrate that 420.se has been alive
for one full year, we have put together a
release with some pretty awesome tunes!

Expect more quality music in the new year.

Happy new year!!!

Rolling Stoned - Pink Buffalo
Mentats ft. Jet - Bouvreuil violet de l´espace
Professor Combover - Co2
Salkinitzor - I Feel Spleepy
Saimou - Bouvreuil violet jeunes de l´espace
Reefer Sutherland - Ragas, Beats & Delays

  Artwork by Patrik.

Download 423 (2010) (.rar 62.3 Mb)
Download wallpapers by Patrik (.rar 3.3 Mb)

2010-11-08 21:10

The Electones – Zoom

Two heroes from the future has come to save the past. Will their journey be pleasant?


Grillo Parlante
A contest of forces and the unexpected to control the        pyramid planet
Part1 & Part2

Download The Electones (.rar 94,1Mb)

2010-11-01 23:59

Reefer Sutherland & Salkinitzor – Du måste ha en positiv framtoning

Reefer Sutherland & Salkinitzor - Du måste ha en positiv        framtoning

2010-09-07 22:38

Pakir und Salkin is Ninjams

This is what happens when two IRL-personae meet up
for a bit of jam (sylt) using Ninjam!

Pakir und Salkin is Ninjams (Jamsession)

2010-05-27 22:38

Salkinitzor – Platypus Groove

Salkinitzor - Platupus Groove

2010-05-10 18:45

Reefer Sutherland – Next is Best

420.se har återigen glädjen att presentera fullängdare,
denna gången från Reefer Sutherland!

Samlingen består av 12 låtar med ett mysigt, mystiskt och mytiskt sound.

Låtarna är influerade av de bästa hemliga agenterna i världen och realiserade i diverse digitala produktionsmiljöer med fokus på slumpmässighet och minimalism.

Så, ladda ner eller streama genast!
Du kommer inte ångra att du tog resan…

01. Analoga inuti digitala utanpå
02. Vad gör man inte för lite knäckebröd
03. När leksakerna styrde världen
04. Räkningar
05. Dackegårdens trotjänare
06. Nanofilmen, den nya mikrofilmen
07. Bring back that blippy feeling
08. Whatever jam
09. Krokodiljägarn går igen
10. Just a bit of labragö
11. En dag var jag stranden
12. Analoga utanpå digitala inuti

Artwork frontArtwork back (.png 1.1Mb, 1.2Mb)
Ladda ner Next is Best (.rar 90.7Mb)
Lyssna på Next is Best (.m3u 12 låtar)

2010-05-02 12:10

422 – The Collaborations

Ännu en samling låtar från 420.se! Denna gången i en vid spridning av musik från flera nya artister. Allting i formen utav olika slags collaborations.

Artwork är denna gången gjort utav Patrik, Salkinitzor, Pakir och Anthony Ishwandi.

01. Tropical Hippo and Simon Sounds - Sway
02. Walther and Salkinitzor - Hand over my damn cassette        player or ill cry like a baby
03. Mentat and Simon Sounds - Funk Formula
04. Mentat and Salkinitzor - Kom på ett roligt namn till        låten
05. Salkinitzor and the sober cobra - Asskisdent
06. Lynx and Simon Sounds - The pace of trees
07. Pakir, Salkinitzor and h.mögelöga - Noxious Cloud of        Bröt


  Pakir, Salkinitzor, Patrik, Anthony Ishwandi.
Lyssna på 422 (2010) (7 Låtar)
Ladda ner 422 (2010) (.rar 102 Mb)

2010-04-09 10:05

Simon Sounds – Monument

Handlar om nuet.
Artwork av Patrik Setterberg.
Ladda ner eller lyssna!

1. Stundom
2. Ögonblick 1 (Stundom är det fint)
3. Sprickor
4. Puzzel
5. Ögonblick 2 (Bitarnas plats)
6. Oxen och Musen
7. Ögonblick 3 (Oxar och Möss spelar oss ut)

Artwork av Patrik
Lyssna på Monument (2010) (7 Låtar)
Ladda ner Monument (2010) (.rar 46 Mb)

2010-03-01 01:00

421 – The Remixes

Vi har åter igen glädjen att presentera en samling låtar från artisterna på 420.se. Denna gången är det ett gäng remixer som vi presenterar i formen av 421 – The Remixes. Artwork av våran kära Patrik Setterberg.
1. Mentat - Ares (RStuned birthday mixz)
2. Reefer Sutherland - Zephunklonon (Mentat Remix)
3. Ninjabottle Music for Small People (Simon Sounds Recut)
4. Salkinitzor - Airport imagination lying - megamix-piggy2
5. Reefer Sutherland - Kicker (Simon Sounds Remix)
6. Ninjabottle - Music for Small People (Reefer Sutherland        Medium Size Mix)
7. Salkinitzor - Hypnotic Fluff (Simon Sounds Fluffy Beats        Remix)

421 Artwork by Patrik
Lyssna på 421 (2010) (7 Låtar)
Ladda ner 421 (2010) (.rar 66 Mb)

2010-01-17 08:26

Simon Sounds – Mind in Escape

Så då var man klar med några låtar.

Någon form av triphop eller elektronisk instrumentell hiphop med inblandade analoga instrument.

1. Hug
2. Imagination
3. Radiance
4. Couchlock
5. Lying



Ladda ner (.rar 13 Mb)
Lyssna på Mind in Escape (5 Låtar)

2009-12-31 04:20

A few oldies, but goodies – Salkinitzor

Salkinitzor - Fiskeboatz 2
Salkinitzor - Hypnotic Fluff
Salkinitzor - Inviger the big pile of dub
Salkinitzor - Scientific Approach Sillen - Hoppa Hagen - Salkinitzor abuse

2009-12-31 04:20

A few oldies, but goodies – Simon Sounds

Simon Sounds - To be and eat dust
1 - Calm Before (Intro)
2 - Moodswing
3 - Thrillseeker
4 - Pix
5 - Drawn
6 - Dystopia (Outro)

2009-12-31 04:20

A few oldies, but goodies – Tropical ice tea for the Hippo

01. Tropical ice tea for the Hippo - Black Star
02. Tropical ice tea for the Hippo - Haitem
03. Tropical ice tea for the Hippo - Tapped
04. Tropical ice tea for the Hippo - Airport music disc Tropical ice tea for the Hippo - Outro

2009-12-31 04:20

A few oldies, but goodies – Mentat

Mentat - Ares
Mentat - Artemis
Mentat - Hephaestus
Mentat - Hestia
Mentat - Poseidon

2009-12-31 04:20

A few oldies, but goodies – Lynx

Lynx - Embryonic Philosophy
Lynx - Music for small people

2009-12-24 04:20

A few oldies, but goodies – Reefer Sutherland

Reefer Sutherland - 100 Pounds Evil
Reefer Sutherland - A Piece o Candy
Reefer Sutherland - Bas 2k9
Reefer Sutherland - Computars
Reefer Sutherland - Dave e på Dass
Reefer Sutherland - Dave kom Tillbaka
Reefer Sutherland - Daves Brane
Reefer Sutherland - Den Sista Buzzlåten
Reefer Sutherland - Dubstep 4
Reefer Sutherland - Hide and Seek
Reefer Sutherland - Line Four
Reefer Sutherland - Methylene
Reefer Sutherland - No Crowbar
Reefer Sutherland - Resin
Reefer Sutherland - Song with Waves
Reefer Sutherland - X
Reefer Sutherland - Zephlon b4
Reefer Sutherland - Zephlonon